SpaceCable V21 Enhancements

Version 21 Focus


This release focuses on the following main areas: more functionality for design with wires, multi wire bundles,  more possibilities for detailed cabling manufacturing drawings and easier customizations.  Besides them many other usability improvements and fixing of bugs have been made for the new version.


Variation Design


Now users can define variants of a single harness. This information is stored on single 'variant-parts' inside the harness assembly, which users can delete, modify or activate anytime it is needed. The data structure is secured and cannot get corrupt since 'variant-parts' do not influence the harness itself. In a variant segments of the channel can have different geometrical shape and connectors can be in different locations.

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New creation possibilities for flat cables


Now users can define individual positions for flat cable cross sections. Flat cable will go through those cross sections and a spline-shaped flat cable can be defined very easily. By setting a fixed length for the guide curve, a flat cable with a desired length can be created.

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Advanced Selection of active harness


If there are multiple harnesses in the model, it was difficult to activate the correct one. User had to search the correct assembly in the browser tree and had problems to locate it. Now all harnesses are automatically listed in a drop-down list and user can quickly and correctly select the desired harness. Also for each harness a large preview bmp image is automatically generated at the time of the building of the drop-down list. Another new feature is that user can also decide to show the selected harness in a new viewport. This is particularly useful if user wants to keep a clear picture of the harness.

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Round Guides


Now user can create round fixtures. They can be used to go around corners with a clean radius and also can force to keep a certain minimum bend radius. Round fixtures can be used both for wires and channels..

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