About MIP Group

The leading CAD CAM provider

MIP was founded in 1995 with the mission of delivering advanced, reliable  and easy-to-use design and manufacturing software solutions for the industry.

Apart from providing ready-to-use CAD/CAM products, MIP also develops high-end CAD CAM solutions to cover the needs of the engineers.

With offices located in Estonia, Hungary, Turkey and Belarus, MIP is a fast-growing group of companies with a dedicated "Research and Development" team ensuring the best-in-class solutions.

From its Northern European headquarters in Tallinn/Estonia and its sales and support centers throughout Europe the company is able to provide global coverage to its customers - around the clock - delivering high-end CAD/CAM products whenever and whereever they are needed.
Our products and services are used by hundreds of users around the globe.

In addition to its “best-in-class solutions”, MIP offers an extensive curriculum of Industry hands-on training courses that are developed and delivered by industry experts.

MIP develops the following CAD/CAM Software Solutions

  • ExtrusionPower, for the design of Aluminium Extrusion Dies

  • SpaceCable for the Cabling Harness Design

  • SolidGenius for 3D Standard Parts Library and Productivity Tools

  • FramesLink for the design of Frame type Structures

  • SpacePipe for Piping and Plant Design

  • ProgressivePower for the design of Progressive Dies

  • ME-Genius for 2D Standard Parts Library and Productivity Tools

  • ShoeCenter Design and Manufacturing Solutions for the Footwear industry